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도움이 필요한 곳에 이웃의 사랑을 전하는 굿네이버스

Good Neighbors offers a range of programs and services for the children in lower-income or needy families to enhance their welfare and support their healthy growth and personal development.

  • Summer/Winter School
  • Children’s and Youth Rights Centers
  • Community Children’s Centers

“Share the Hope” Summer/Winter School

Due to the financial crisis in 1998, the number of underfed children has rapidly increased. As the polarization of wealth has become more serious, in addition to the issue of starvation, underfed children experience emotional and psychological instability in addition to physical instability, and as a result can experience obstacles in educational and cultural participation.
To provide a practical solution to this problem, Good Neighbors launched the Summer/Winter School Programs for underfed children in 2002. During summer and winter breaks, we provide them with free lunches in addition to a variety of programs including study guidelines, extracurricular activities, cultural activities and group activities, aiming to secure their mental stability and enhance their social skills.
The Sharing the Hope Summer/Winter School celebrated its 16th anniversary in 2010. The program includes 33 districts, 181 schools and 4,348 children. Through the program we hope to provide continuous, specialized and practical programs for underfed children.

Children’s and Youth Rights Center

Good Neighbors, which operates 16 Children’s and Youth Rights Centers, strives to promote public awareness on children’s and youth rights and establish a local network. We conduct children’s and youth rights-related projects such as the Child and Youth Rights Education Program, World Citizen Education Program, Peace Education Program and Pre-parental Education Program. Our programs encourage commitment from local citizens and help volunteer workers form volunteer groups.
Based on these efforts, we have successfully carried out a diverse range of welfare projects for neglected children.

Child Counseling and Protection
  • Along with operating the Sharing the Hope Summer/Winter School and “Young Power School” for middle school students, Good Neighbors protects underfed and neglected children and offers a variety of programs. These include individual home management, mentoring service, lunch program and financial assistance, according to their development level and interests.
Local Network and Publicity
  • Good Neighbors systematically manages advisory committee and volunteer groups and regularly holds education and assessment meetings. We utilize campaigns, PR materials, the mass media, and online sources to promote the protection of children’s and youth rights.
  • Recruit local volunteers → Training sessions to encourage participation → Train volunteers to become specialized → Conduct educational programs based on the network between volunteers and local communities → Promote Child and Youth Rights and Cul- tivation of Global Citizenship in Pursuit of Positive Changes in Society, Establishment of a Local Network in Pur- suit of Positive Changes in Lower-Income Families and Children

Operation of Community Children’s Center

Good Neighbors operates 13 Community Children’s Centers nationwide in regions including Seoul, Gyeonggi, Chungnam, Gwangju, Daegu, Gyeongbuk, Busan and Gyeongnam. We help children in lower-income families live in a safer environment with a higher quality of life by providing them with meals, mental and emotional supports, a social welfare system, study guidelines and cultural experience opportunities.

Project Details
  • Child Protection: meals, healthcare, family support, individual home management, child database management, etc.
  • Emotional Support: individual/group counseling, psychiatric examination/ therapy, home visits
  • Educational Support: study guidelines, gifted education, field trips
  • Cultural Support: outdoor activities, viewing of cultural performances, activity training camps, birthday parties
  • Community Support: steering committee, parents meetings, volunteer groups/activities, assessment meetings, research activities and reports
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